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About Me:

Who Am I?/Why did I become a Life Coach?/How can I help you?/Why we're in this together.

I absolutely LOVE my life.  Every moment is filled with gratitude and joy.  Daily, I'm nourished, entertained, expanded, invigorated and humbled.After years of looking, in countless ways and places,

I now find myself, inside and out, seamlessly connected and fully engaged.


I couldn't say that 10 years ago.  As a matter of fact, I felt "stuck" and like the world was out to get me.  Nothing ever seemed to go 'right' and I felt as if the proverbial rug kept getting pulled out from under my feet.  Dead end jobs, a nasty divorce and a single parent, I felt that life was meant to be miserable. 


One day a friend recommended that I try talking to someone; not someone whom would listen to me whine about all of the things that I felt were wrong or injust in my life, but someone whom would hold me accountable and responsible for EVERYTHING that happens to me and with me.  I have to admit, I was naturally curious. 


That suggestion changed my life!! Not only did I turn my life into something that I enjoy and look forward to but also into a life full of joy and light that I LOVE to share with others.  You see, I am living proof that coaching works!  That's the reason I decided to become professionally trained and certified as a Personal Life Coach. 


It's not always an easy road but, with me by your side every step of the way, you CAN have a happy and joyful life that you look forward to each and every day!


Want to rediscover your Inner Genius, your Creative Source and claim your own expanding landscape? Do a little JOY riding?


Then let's get started! C'mon! What are you waiting for?


Start on your own path to loving YOUR life!  Contact me today!


The truth is…you can change. It’s all about choices. Stop waiting for someone else to do it for you and take hold of the abundant life that’s waiting for you. It’s time to stop settling for mediocrity. Choose to live with excellence and become your personal best!

My mission is to educate, empower, and inspire you to achieve greatness in your health, your weight, and your life.

You CAN love your life beginning right this very moment! Are you ready?


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